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Chamours— <br /> TheChemoursCompany 910-483-46810 <br /> Fluoroproducts chemours com <br /> 22828 NC Highway 87 W <br /> Fayetteville,NC 28306-7332 <br /> CERTIFIED MAIL ARTICLE NUMBER 7002 0860 0006 9104 7828 <br /> RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED <br /> April 27, 2016 <br /> Ms. Wren Thedford <br /> NCDEQ Division of Water Resources <br /> NPDES Unit <br /> 1617 Mail Service Center <br /> Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-1617 RECEIVED/NCDEQ/DWR <br /> MAY O'S 1016 <br /> SUBJECT: NPDES Permit Renewal Application Water Quality <br /> NPDES Permit No. NC0003573 Permitting Section <br /> Dear Ms. Thedford: <br /> The Chemours Company — Fayetteville Works is requesting renewal of NPDES Wastewater <br /> Discharge Permit No. NC0003573. Since the issuance of the last permit, the ownership of this <br /> facility changed from the DuPont Company to The Chemours Company FC, LLC. Also, two <br /> separate companies,Kuraray America Inc. and the DuPont Company,are operating manufacturing <br /> units and are treating and discharging their wastewaters under the Chemours' NPDES Permit. <br /> Enclosed are the original and two copies of the General Information Form 1 (Form 3510-1), <br /> Wastewater Discharge Information Form 2C (Form 3510-2C), and additional required supporting <br /> documentation for renewal of the subject permit by the NC Division of Water Resources. <br /> Included in the permit application are the following supplemental information documents: Sludge <br /> Management Plan, Current Facility Wastewater Management, Current Facility Operating <br /> Conditions, Alternate Application Schedule for §316(b) of the Clean Water Act, Elimination of <br /> Monitoring Requirement for PFOA, and the non-reporting of bis(chloromethyl) ether. <br /> If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at (910) 678-1155. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> a E. Johnson, PE <br /> nvironmental Manager <br /> Enclosures <br />