Public Sites 11.0
AirQuality - Public Weblink
CoastalManagement - Public WebLink
EnergyMineralLandResources - Public WebLink
WasteManagement - Public WebLink
WaterInfrastructure - Public WebLink
WaterResources - Public WebLink
StormWater - Public WebLink
GroundWater - Public WebLink

Auth sites
Forms (including Forms Portal)
SampleCollectors - Authenticated WebLink
WebLink - Authenticated Weblink access to all repositories
WebClient for AirQuality
WebClient for CoastalManagement
WebClient for EnergyMineralLandResources
WebClient for PublicInformationOffice
WebClient for Stewardship
WebClient for WasteManagement
WebClient for WaterInfrastructure
WebClient for WaterResources
WebClient for DeptEnvironmentalQuality
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Public Sites
Test-AirQuality - Public Weblink
Test-EnergyMineralLandResources - Public WebLink
Test-WasteManagement - Public WebLink
Test-WaterInfrastructure - Public WebLink
Test-WaterResources - Public WebLink

Auth sites
WebLink - Authenticated Weblink access to all TEST repositories
WebClient for Test-AirQuality
WebClient for Test-EnergyMineralLandResources
WebClient for Test-WasteManagement
WebClient for Test-WaterInfrastructure
WebClient for Test-WaterResources

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